Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bar Cart: Ikea Hack

Hey there loves! I've been struggling with how to decorate my new home as a single dweller on homeowner on a tight budget. Trust me when I say that my credit cards have seen better days so I take whatever steps necessary to save money when possible. That being said I have been swooning over a fabulous bar cart at Target that would've set me back about $130. I found that number unacceptable and went on the hunt for a more affordable option even if that meant putting in the work to transform something myself. Y'all love Pinterest right? Pinterest will have your mind blown and creative juices flowing and from that I found the idea to take a utility cart from Ikea and make it something I could be proud of. Take some of the tips below to get a bar cart of your very own and on a budget!

Step 1: Purchase the Bygel utility cart from Ikea-$29.99
Step 2: Purchase gold spray paint ( I used the Valspar metallic gold)
Step 3: Partially assemble the cart. I went through step 4 in the instruction manual
Step 4: Ensure your work area is prepped and covered before you start to spray
Step 5: Spray evenly across metallic surface and allow to dry for several hours before flipping and repeating this step. (I even sprayed the screws!)
Step 6: Now that your paint is dry finish assembly of the cart
Step 7: Find that perfect place in your home for you new bar cart!
Step 8: Relax and have a drink, you earned it!

Shop: Bygel Utility Cart



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