Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Home Tour: Where The Magic Happens

The place where all the magic happens.....sleep and comfort that is. The place where all my dreams are dreamt and where I hit the snooze button countless times each morning. My master bedroom has become my oasis on the weekends and I simply enjoy watching the light flood through the windows while snuggling in bed.

This room has changed and changed again even in just the 6 months I've been here. I started off wanting a super chic bedroom filled with gold plated furniture and acrylic side tables but that soon changed. I mean I'm all about color from my vibrant personality to all ten toes so the more color the better! For starters, I put my own bedroom furniture into my guest room to give me space to figure out the direction I wanted to take. At that point I was sure that I would find suitable replacement furniture that would feed my yearning for the rustic boho chic glam style I desire. Did I tell y'all that's what I'm calling it these days?

I'm on the furniture hunt day in and day out. I seriously can't believe its this difficult to locate some coordinating pieces that fit my style or at least some I could paint and refinish myself. Any tips on where to find some pieces at a decent price? I'm willing to go to flea markets, thrift shops, or estate sales. Anything goes!

Until then I'm loving the chic space I've created. Very minimalistic for now but the best addition in recent weeks is the room divider I forever borrowed from my mommy and put behind the headboard. I can't think of anything more bohemian to get the theme going in here. It took me several hours to oil this down and bring back the natural wood glow but it was certainly worth the effort. I also purchased a pair of jade color lamps from Target that fit the room but if only if only I could nail down a pair of nightstands all would be well. How many times have I've said that things are a work in progress? Well I'm saying it again and I'm perfectly fine with that!



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Home Tour: Dining In

Fact: I enjoy going out to dinner and to be honest it's great to have a new dining experience yada yada but mainly I enjoy it because some days I absolutely don't want to cook! Join me as I continue to drool (literally) over the next room on my home tour. I could have a three course meal or an extra large cheese pizza in this room and it will continue to be my favorite dining space no matter what's for dinner.

When I first moved in this room was my dumping ground. Heavy bags? Dumped here. Shoes? Dumped here. This room was down right hideous to me. Green is my favorite color, yes but that green THAT green was not doing it for me. In addition to the color  I was less than attracted to and am not a fan of the tile floor here. Do not like tile! So cold and harsh, still waiting on those hardwood floors people........I'll be waiting for awhile I think.

It's a jungle out there and it was definitely a jungle in this room with the color so I began thinking of color ideas. My home was built in the 1970s when formal dining rooms were popular. What was I, a single homeowner to do with a formal dining room? I seriously considered making it something like a ridiculously huge hobby room but there was nowhere comfortable to put a table. Anyway back to the color...I struggled with the color in here with the chair rail around the room. White was far too blah I needed something bold, beautiful, classic (in my opinion) and down right daring to make a statement. While browsing at lowe's there it was the color to top all colors, Navy!

I initially thought that painting one wall as an accent would satisfy my urge to paint my whole house in  "Naval" but it wasn't quite right. I pulled the trigger and subsequently dropped the cash on painting the entire room and I couldn't be more pleased! Yes my mom told me it was too dark but what life without taking a risk and taking a walk on the dark side (see what I did there!)? Once the painting was completed I opted to purchase a new dining table and some accents to compliment. I scored the the gorgeous mirror thrifting, the table settings are from ikea, and you've seen the hack of my bar cart. Still more to do here but loving how it's coming together!

I keep trying to remind myself that "Rome wasn't built in a day" and "money doesn't grow on trees". Everything little thing is progress so I'm keeping my eyes open for the what's next in this room. Really I just want help getting this hideous light fixture down and I might be satisfied for a day or two. Until then I keep dreaming up thoughts of long drapes, wall art, and the rug I can't yet seem to snag on sale from Target. While I love dining out dining in has gotten so much better!

Paint color: Sherwin Williams "Naval"



Monday, January 11, 2016

Home Tour: Living Room


Only two days away from the 6 month anniversary and the first stop on my home tour begins with the living room! From the minute I got the keys in my hand at closing I was pedal to the medal with this house. Within the hour I scheduled to have all the carpets cleaned. Like I said, this place was super stinky from the cigarette smoke of the previous owner. When walking in the door the smell would literally "wham!" you in the face. Having spent such little time in the house until then I honestly didn't think I could make it with my sensitive sinuses. I'm not going to lie for weeks I went with my clothes smelling of smoke and wanting to return the house for a refund.

I moved in just two days after closing and began working on my first renovation project, the living room. The living room should be a place of all things comfortable to make those days of binge watching the hallmark channel or criminal minds that much easier. This living was quite opposite with outdated wall color and nicotine stained built-ins and molding. Before I began anything in here (where most of the smoking occurred) I wiped down every wall. I had the itch like nobody's business to get the walls painted and bring this place into a new decade. Can I share a secret? I think I painted the doghouse for my childhood pet.....but that's about it! Literally had never painted a room in my life!

I definitely put the cart before the horse and learned some lessons in the painting process. I didn't know anything about blue taping, how to paint the trim, how to roll the walls, NOTHING! I out a fresh coat of bright white in the molding and built-ins once I learned how to tape off ( I can freehand like a beast now), rolled the walls. Tip: use a roller extender when painting walls, so much easier and unfortunately I didn't know this until I was on the final wall of this room! Ugh.

I can look back now at the struggles that went on for days painting this room but I know that in that time I learned my true strength. I learned if something was going to be worth it, it certainly wasn't going to be easy! I see little mistakes here and there where I let the paint drip or missed a spot but I take it all as character and I'm truly in awe every time I walk in to this transformation.

For reference the first picture is current state but then I'm backtracking showing the progession!
Paint color: Sherwin Williams- Essential Shade



Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tale of a First-time Homeowner

Alright loves I've been trying to put my thoughts down on this for sometime now and as the 6 month mark of owning my first home approaches. Being a homeowner is a big responsibility that comes with many challenges, roadblocks, but don't let me scare you it is SO rewarding!

 I began my home journey by reaching out to a mortgage consultant to get the foundation on what I could really afford to spend on a home. Let me tell you, this part is eye-opening!  I began my search by looking at websites such as Trulia, most of the time sites like this are not up to date so you may be tagging properties that have already sold. I quickly reached out to a realtor and explained what I wanted in my home. We'll get to the wants.... I wanted all the bells and whistles, ALL OF THEM! I'm talking 3 bedrooms,  2.5 bathrooms , hardwood floors, garage, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, patio, and that pesky picket fence from my childhood dreams.

As I listed out my wants to my realtor she gladly took note with the grin of a Cheshire cat across her face. I thought to myself she must really think my wants are awesome (we'll get back to this)! I searched for my home from December-May and let me say I was away beyond over it! In my opinion Charlotte is a pretty hot market and homes were either beyond terrible or snatched up sometimes even before I had the chance to walk through. I mean seriously this was a big decision for me and I could phathom deciding on such an investment without some days or careful thought and consideration.

Then comes the month of May! I just felt in my soul this was it (and I was paying month to month rent at my apartment since February so I needed it to be). I found a beautiful townhome that I just knew was perfect nestled in a sweet community and even had my parents come up to check it out but it was expensive! The seller and I went back and forth for two weeks on the purchase price and finally settled on a number. I was ECSTATIC the perfect little house and all the ideas been floating around in my head. But there was just one thing....there had been a verbal agreement, and I signed the agreement as we waited for the seller to sign something was strange. She ended up backing out of the deal and I was literally heartbroken. I'm talking crying ugly tears to my mom. Who does that??

At this point month to month rent or not I needed a break. I was just about ready to move into a cardboard box and call it a day! My realtor and I agreed on a little hiatus. Just when I was ready to give up on the whole idea I browsed the new listings during lunch at work one day about two weeks after the incident. To my suprise I found a property that was under budget and CUTE! So excited I immediately called my realtor and asked for a showing that afternoon.  As I walked through I thought back to those wants and giggled to myself. In this process unless you have an unlimited budget, build from scratch, or are a hell of a lot luckier than I you will NOT get everything that you want. Please understand the difference between needs and wants.

Once I finished the walk through I knew it was the home for me! Crazy right? I mean the house was down right stinky (previous owner was a heavy smoker), no hardwood floors but I got the 3 bedrooms 2.5 bedrooms, gorgeous stainless appliances including must-have dishwasher, and an enclosed covered patio. In the end I walked away with a deal and value those wants vs needs. Though I'm still wishing for that picket fence I got so much more than I bargained for including wonderful neighbors.

To wrap this let me say that being a single homeowner is HARD! You have to do everything! All the maintenance, killing creepy crawlers, laundry, cleaning, painting, decor, rolling the trash out, cooking, and investigating when you hear a weird noise. From some of my previous posts y'all can tell I'm a total girly girl but I've gotten down right dirty and in the trenches ( or garbage disposal) with my home. At the end of the day I am proud of all my accomplishments and I wouldn't want it any other way. I've done a tremendous amount of work and still more to go but with only 6 months in there is plenty of time to get it all right. Join me on the countdown and take a peek at my home tour posts of the next few days and I'll be showing the transformations from room to room. Now someone find me some hardwood floors!


Monday, January 4, 2016

New Beginnings

New year, new beginnings loves! I have no need for resolutions when I can simply decide to get up and do it! I do however believe in new beginnings and what better way to step into the new year than with a new dress? A dress so perfect that I wore for my first day back in the office and could certainly wear for a night out! Now some of you may have resolutions to shop less this year  but let's be serious we all need a little therapy and this kind is far too good to pass up. Y'all know I love a good dress and I'm glad to add this beauty to my collection and certainly putting this on repeat!

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