Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Home Tour: Dining In

Fact: I enjoy going out to dinner and to be honest it's great to have a new dining experience yada yada but mainly I enjoy it because some days I absolutely don't want to cook! Join me as I continue to drool (literally) over the next room on my home tour. I could have a three course meal or an extra large cheese pizza in this room and it will continue to be my favorite dining space no matter what's for dinner.

When I first moved in this room was my dumping ground. Heavy bags? Dumped here. Shoes? Dumped here. This room was down right hideous to me. Green is my favorite color, yes but that green THAT green was not doing it for me. In addition to the color  I was less than attracted to and am not a fan of the tile floor here. Do not like tile! So cold and harsh, still waiting on those hardwood floors people........I'll be waiting for awhile I think.

It's a jungle out there and it was definitely a jungle in this room with the color so I began thinking of color ideas. My home was built in the 1970s when formal dining rooms were popular. What was I, a single homeowner to do with a formal dining room? I seriously considered making it something like a ridiculously huge hobby room but there was nowhere comfortable to put a table. Anyway back to the color...I struggled with the color in here with the chair rail around the room. White was far too blah I needed something bold, beautiful, classic (in my opinion) and down right daring to make a statement. While browsing at lowe's there it was the color to top all colors, Navy!

I initially thought that painting one wall as an accent would satisfy my urge to paint my whole house in  "Naval" but it wasn't quite right. I pulled the trigger and subsequently dropped the cash on painting the entire room and I couldn't be more pleased! Yes my mom told me it was too dark but what life without taking a risk and taking a walk on the dark side (see what I did there!)? Once the painting was completed I opted to purchase a new dining table and some accents to compliment. I scored the the gorgeous mirror thrifting, the table settings are from ikea, and you've seen the hack of my bar cart. Still more to do here but loving how it's coming together!

I keep trying to remind myself that "Rome wasn't built in a day" and "money doesn't grow on trees". Everything little thing is progress so I'm keeping my eyes open for the what's next in this room. Really I just want help getting this hideous light fixture down and I might be satisfied for a day or two. Until then I keep dreaming up thoughts of long drapes, wall art, and the rug I can't yet seem to snag on sale from Target. While I love dining out dining in has gotten so much better!

Paint color: Sherwin Williams "Naval"



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