Monday, January 11, 2016

Home Tour: Living Room


Only two days away from the 6 month anniversary and the first stop on my home tour begins with the living room! From the minute I got the keys in my hand at closing I was pedal to the medal with this house. Within the hour I scheduled to have all the carpets cleaned. Like I said, this place was super stinky from the cigarette smoke of the previous owner. When walking in the door the smell would literally "wham!" you in the face. Having spent such little time in the house until then I honestly didn't think I could make it with my sensitive sinuses. I'm not going to lie for weeks I went with my clothes smelling of smoke and wanting to return the house for a refund.

I moved in just two days after closing and began working on my first renovation project, the living room. The living room should be a place of all things comfortable to make those days of binge watching the hallmark channel or criminal minds that much easier. This living was quite opposite with outdated wall color and nicotine stained built-ins and molding. Before I began anything in here (where most of the smoking occurred) I wiped down every wall. I had the itch like nobody's business to get the walls painted and bring this place into a new decade. Can I share a secret? I think I painted the doghouse for my childhood pet.....but that's about it! Literally had never painted a room in my life!

I definitely put the cart before the horse and learned some lessons in the painting process. I didn't know anything about blue taping, how to paint the trim, how to roll the walls, NOTHING! I out a fresh coat of bright white in the molding and built-ins once I learned how to tape off ( I can freehand like a beast now), rolled the walls. Tip: use a roller extender when painting walls, so much easier and unfortunately I didn't know this until I was on the final wall of this room! Ugh.

I can look back now at the struggles that went on for days painting this room but I know that in that time I learned my true strength. I learned if something was going to be worth it, it certainly wasn't going to be easy! I see little mistakes here and there where I let the paint drip or missed a spot but I take it all as character and I'm truly in awe every time I walk in to this transformation.

For reference the first picture is current state but then I'm backtracking showing the progession!
Paint color: Sherwin Williams- Essential Shade



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