Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Home Tour: Where The Magic Happens

The place where all the magic happens.....sleep and comfort that is. The place where all my dreams are dreamt and where I hit the snooze button countless times each morning. My master bedroom has become my oasis on the weekends and I simply enjoy watching the light flood through the windows while snuggling in bed.

This room has changed and changed again even in just the 6 months I've been here. I started off wanting a super chic bedroom filled with gold plated furniture and acrylic side tables but that soon changed. I mean I'm all about color from my vibrant personality to all ten toes so the more color the better! For starters, I put my own bedroom furniture into my guest room to give me space to figure out the direction I wanted to take. At that point I was sure that I would find suitable replacement furniture that would feed my yearning for the rustic boho chic glam style I desire. Did I tell y'all that's what I'm calling it these days?

I'm on the furniture hunt day in and day out. I seriously can't believe its this difficult to locate some coordinating pieces that fit my style or at least some I could paint and refinish myself. Any tips on where to find some pieces at a decent price? I'm willing to go to flea markets, thrift shops, or estate sales. Anything goes!

Until then I'm loving the chic space I've created. Very minimalistic for now but the best addition in recent weeks is the room divider I forever borrowed from my mommy and put behind the headboard. I can't think of anything more bohemian to get the theme going in here. It took me several hours to oil this down and bring back the natural wood glow but it was certainly worth the effort. I also purchased a pair of jade color lamps from Target that fit the room but if only if only I could nail down a pair of nightstands all would be well. How many times have I've said that things are a work in progress? Well I'm saying it again and I'm perfectly fine with that!



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