Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tale of a First-time Homeowner

Alright loves I've been trying to put my thoughts down on this for sometime now and as the 6 month mark of owning my first home approaches. Being a homeowner is a big responsibility that comes with many challenges, roadblocks, but don't let me scare you it is SO rewarding!

 I began my home journey by reaching out to a mortgage consultant to get the foundation on what I could really afford to spend on a home. Let me tell you, this part is eye-opening!  I began my search by looking at websites such as Trulia, most of the time sites like this are not up to date so you may be tagging properties that have already sold. I quickly reached out to a realtor and explained what I wanted in my home. We'll get to the wants.... I wanted all the bells and whistles, ALL OF THEM! I'm talking 3 bedrooms,  2.5 bathrooms , hardwood floors, garage, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, patio, and that pesky picket fence from my childhood dreams.

As I listed out my wants to my realtor she gladly took note with the grin of a Cheshire cat across her face. I thought to myself she must really think my wants are awesome (we'll get back to this)! I searched for my home from December-May and let me say I was away beyond over it! In my opinion Charlotte is a pretty hot market and homes were either beyond terrible or snatched up sometimes even before I had the chance to walk through. I mean seriously this was a big decision for me and I could phathom deciding on such an investment without some days or careful thought and consideration.

Then comes the month of May! I just felt in my soul this was it (and I was paying month to month rent at my apartment since February so I needed it to be). I found a beautiful townhome that I just knew was perfect nestled in a sweet community and even had my parents come up to check it out but it was expensive! The seller and I went back and forth for two weeks on the purchase price and finally settled on a number. I was ECSTATIC the perfect little house and all the ideas been floating around in my head. But there was just one thing....there had been a verbal agreement, and I signed the agreement as we waited for the seller to sign something was strange. She ended up backing out of the deal and I was literally heartbroken. I'm talking crying ugly tears to my mom. Who does that??

At this point month to month rent or not I needed a break. I was just about ready to move into a cardboard box and call it a day! My realtor and I agreed on a little hiatus. Just when I was ready to give up on the whole idea I browsed the new listings during lunch at work one day about two weeks after the incident. To my suprise I found a property that was under budget and CUTE! So excited I immediately called my realtor and asked for a showing that afternoon.  As I walked through I thought back to those wants and giggled to myself. In this process unless you have an unlimited budget, build from scratch, or are a hell of a lot luckier than I you will NOT get everything that you want. Please understand the difference between needs and wants.

Once I finished the walk through I knew it was the home for me! Crazy right? I mean the house was down right stinky (previous owner was a heavy smoker), no hardwood floors but I got the 3 bedrooms 2.5 bedrooms, gorgeous stainless appliances including must-have dishwasher, and an enclosed covered patio. In the end I walked away with a deal and value those wants vs needs. Though I'm still wishing for that picket fence I got so much more than I bargained for including wonderful neighbors.

To wrap this let me say that being a single homeowner is HARD! You have to do everything! All the maintenance, killing creepy crawlers, laundry, cleaning, painting, decor, rolling the trash out, cooking, and investigating when you hear a weird noise. From some of my previous posts y'all can tell I'm a total girly girl but I've gotten down right dirty and in the trenches ( or garbage disposal) with my home. At the end of the day I am proud of all my accomplishments and I wouldn't want it any other way. I've done a tremendous amount of work and still more to go but with only 6 months in there is plenty of time to get it all right. Join me on the countdown and take a peek at my home tour posts of the next few days and I'll be showing the transformations from room to room. Now someone find me some hardwood floors!



  1. Best wishes on your DIY projects and congrats again on the new home!

  2. DOPE. Felt like I was on house hunters

    1. Thanks! I think even the people on house hunters had it better

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