Thursday, February 25, 2016

Off The Shoulder

I am absolutely loving the off the shoulder trend coming in full swing! I can totally be called a bandwagon fan but really I've alsways loved this style. You can make the simplest of outfits ever so chic with an off the shoulder top or dress. I mean really, a little shoulder skin is just the right amount of sex appeal. What I love most about this top is the very abstract print that can be dressed up or down. And let's talk about the colors, could they be anymore perfect? I hope you loves are looking forward to this trend continuing well into the Spring and Summer season. I'm no fortune teller but I see more off the shoulder beauties coming my way. I'm just hoping they hurry!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Frivolous and Free

It's only Monday but I'm having some serious weekend withdrawal! I can't really say that I did anything ridiculously special this past weekend but it was one that I'm wishing I could rewind back to. The work week honestly makes me a little crazy and certainly burnt out so on the weekend, I'm nothing but frivolous and free! I shop for things I don't need, ride around town exploring, decide late at night I wanna go to Target, buy myself, and start more DIY projects. The weekend is when I get to be ME, Ashlei in true form. I Hope you loves are ready for more because it's coming and I couldn't be more excited to finally get back in touch with the person I am embracing flaws and all. For my weekend escapes I fluttered around town in this boho style beauty and I'm smiling at the very thought of it now! Hang in there loves we CAN make it to the weekend!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Everydays Dress

You ever find that dress that is simply perfect no matter the occasion? That dress you could wear day after day if it was accepted by society. I've found it! This dress from H&M is literally everything you need in your closet as a go to staple. I think the shape of this dress is absolutely flattering on everyone and if I love it on me just think how fabulous you loves will like! Seems like month after ,I th this dress return in a variety of prints and solids. Seriously I own several of these and each time I'm in store im on the hunt for another!

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

All Dressed Up In Love

Hello my loves! Tis the weekend where love is all around us. From flowers, to cakes, and hallmark cards Valentine's Day is that ever so romantic day of the year that we yearn for. While I appreciate the significance of the day I am lucky to be wrapped in love each and every day of the year. My family, friends, and that special someone make my life simply enchanting.  Anyway I won't get too mushy but really what more can a girl ask for? Well for starters ask for a vibrant dress such as this for your celebrations Valentine's day, Tuesday, or ringing in a birthday on the town. I find transitioning to Spring one of the hardest challenges but with this chiffon beauty life just got easier. As I siad I'm loving this beauty for a night out and certainly a night arm and arm in love. Thankfully I'm wrapped up in love and my coat with the freezing temps in Charlotte recently! When you can wear what you feel you're all dressed up in love and it's the best outfit you'll ever wear!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dressing Up

You loves know that me being a new homeowner means everything in my home is everchanging and I'm so loving it! I've divided my home into primary (and obvious sections) which I try to focus on one area at a time. I find this to be my biggest challenge! I'm always thinking "do I like this wall color for the guest bathroom?" "Would this be pretty in my dining room?" "How can I retile the kitchen backsplash?". Literally a million thoughts between each and every room. What seems to help is trying to slowly take each room to the next level with a little tricket, coat of paint or in this case playing a little dress up!  I've said before that I want my master bedroom to be a eclectic mix of rustic, bohemian, glam, and chic (this is very challenging!) but moving in that direction I decided I first needed to dress the windows in a statement. I took very inexpensive curtain rods and decor from Ikea, spray painted them gold and "voila!"because let's face it legit ones are far too expensive. The cost of curtain rods AND the curtains (each sold separately) is a chunk of my mortgage! Tip: if you have help let someone hold the curtain up so that you can determine how much drag you want on the floor. I went with 84" curtains so I brought down the brackets about 11" from the ceiling to get the drag I wanted. MEASURE TWICE before putting any holes in the walls. I was lucky enough to score the curtains at Target's recent home sale for $20 each. Seriously Target just take all my money, am I right? Needless to say I'm in love minus the embarrassing  aching pain in my hands because I don't have a drill. Labor of love hand screwing those brackets up (first-time homeowner probs) bear with me I'll get there! 


Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Warrior

Do you loves miss rompin around on the weekends as much as I do? Not that I want to wish days away but I'm seriously hoping that Friday gets here quick, fast, and in a hurry! This past weekend not only was there beautiful weather to enjoy but had the pleasure of celebrating great friends. 70 degrees in February? Don't mind if I do! I've got my fingers crossed that the groundhog predicts an early spring, shadow or no shadow warm weather is calling my name. Stepped out on the town in this romper that is as much function with utility features as fashion for everyday festivities. Paired this beauty with a duster that I scored for $20. Both pieces were an absolute bargain. Deal or no deal? Deal!

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