Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dressing Up

You loves know that me being a new homeowner means everything in my home is everchanging and I'm so loving it! I've divided my home into primary (and obvious sections) which I try to focus on one area at a time. I find this to be my biggest challenge! I'm always thinking "do I like this wall color for the guest bathroom?" "Would this be pretty in my dining room?" "How can I retile the kitchen backsplash?". Literally a million thoughts between each and every room. What seems to help is trying to slowly take each room to the next level with a little tricket, coat of paint or in this case playing a little dress up!  I've said before that I want my master bedroom to be a eclectic mix of rustic, bohemian, glam, and chic (this is very challenging!) but moving in that direction I decided I first needed to dress the windows in a statement. I took very inexpensive curtain rods and decor from Ikea, spray painted them gold and "voila!"because let's face it legit ones are far too expensive. The cost of curtain rods AND the curtains (each sold separately) is a chunk of my mortgage! Tip: if you have help let someone hold the curtain up so that you can determine how much drag you want on the floor. I went with 84" curtains so I brought down the brackets about 11" from the ceiling to get the drag I wanted. MEASURE TWICE before putting any holes in the walls. I was lucky enough to score the curtains at Target's recent home sale for $20 each. Seriously Target just take all my money, am I right? Needless to say I'm in love minus the embarrassing  aching pain in my hands because I don't have a drill. Labor of love hand screwing those brackets up (first-time homeowner probs) bear with me I'll get there! 


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