Monday, March 21, 2016

Home Tour: Guest Bathroom

Alright my loves this post is kinda a long time coming! I started this project basically months ago trying to decide between paint colors and decor options. Then really a month ago I began forward to today and it's finally finished! Since moving into my home now 8 months ago I have loathed this bathroom everyday since. From my previous posts you can tell that my design choices didn't jive with the previous owner so just about every room has been brought into a new millennium. This bathroom use to remind me of being on a tropical island and blinded by the sun, I mean really I like coral but this coral was far too much. I chose to update this space with a fray coat of paint and drumroll was MINT to be! I absolutely love this color and before I could get it confused with seafoam or cucumber I decide to go right for the pairing. This shower curtain is my favorite with an all over print but also a little pattern mixing does the soul good. To cut my rambling down to a minimum the last change was a quick switch of the lighting globes over the vanity. Goodbye 19OLD, Hello 2016!!!

Paint color: "Mod Mint"- Sherwin Williams

Bathroom Decor: Floral Shower Curtain / Textured Bath Mat




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