Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Big One: Happy Birthday Wells Dressed!

I can't believe it has been one whole year since I started Wells Dressed blog! It has certainly been a year for the record books and I'm a so thankful to you loves that have been following along since the beginning! I started this blog because I needed a creative outlet and to share tidbits of myself and my life. What I share are my true life experiences, nothing fictitious or inflated for entertainment value nothing but down right everyday life with a dash of adventure is what you get here. For those new to the journey let me reintroduce myself.  My name is Ashlei Wells. In my later 20s,  I'm living and loving the little big city of Charlotte, NC. Career girl working as an Assistant Buyer for a department store and occasional adventurer. If you've been around since the beginning what a heck of a year it's been! Life experiences, poses, Instagram posts, travels, adventures, homebuyer, DIY projects, parties, work, friendship and love. I've got on going plans for this blog and many dreams to accomplish so I'm running full speed ahead. Each day of life is a new beginning so I hope you'll continue to share in this journey with me. One year down and a lifetime to go!



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