Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Florals

Sometimes, as Monday looms all I can think about is having the power to rewind the weekend! Wait I totally feel this way all the time but only because there's so much freedom on the few days of the week. My goal is to take some of that freedom and slide it into the work week. Who is with me? We've been enduring a brutally hot summer these past few weeks but that simply makes my fashion interests tingle just a bit more. Off the shoulder is my absolute favorite and adding this beauty makes me heart smile. Best thing about the top is that it is almost sheer so very lightweight and forgiving in the southern summer. My shorts are from last year's sale rack but I find that solids never go out of style and the linen fabric was too good to pass up. I think most of all the contrasting florals make the look effortlessly stunning! Could even be paired with white pants or a flowy skirt for more occassions.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ruffles and Things

Funny to think about all of the clothes that I have in my closet and I constantly feel like my style is changing! But really that the nature of fashion, right? Ever-changing style. Some things in fashion are just trends or fads but other pieces are timeless. This dress is one of those pieces, wouldn't you agree? I find my style is veering towards bohemian and Im loving it. Find timeless and add the things that make your look pop. My pop is this fabulous beaded bag I found on a recent trip. This thing is far too gorgeous! Don't be surprised if you see it again and again, it's my favorite thing right now. There are no rules in fashion, well maybe a few but really rules are meant to be broken! Breaking a few of my own these days!



Sunday, July 24, 2016

Live Colorfully

Hello there loves! With all the things going on these days I've found myself needing a little time to be disconnected. I found myself needing to....find myself. Does that make sense? More often than not this world from our routines, to repeated behavior life gets a little stale! For lack of a better word I, sticking with stale. I think we all go through periods in our lives where we really just need to live a bit more colorfully! Some people think this concept is something that has to be ridiculously extravagant or extreme adventuring but really it can be taking a weekend drive, having ice cream for dinner, or buying the dress from the shop window. I find that the littlest things can make All the difference. Speaking of making a difference I spend some time in the more artsy part of town to soak in beauty created at the hands of talented artists and let my imagination run wild. Luckily I stumbled apon this newly finished work leaving a brunch and had to snap a few pics. Funny how you find the things that speak to your soul at just the right moment like this wall and certainly this dress. I love a great solid dress, or basic if you will because it is appropriate for all occassions!

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