Sunday, July 24, 2016

Live Colorfully

Hello there loves! With all the things going on these days I've found myself needing a little time to be disconnected. I found myself needing to....find myself. Does that make sense? More often than not this world from our routines, to repeated behavior life gets a little stale! For lack of a better word I, sticking with stale. I think we all go through periods in our lives where we really just need to live a bit more colorfully! Some people think this concept is something that has to be ridiculously extravagant or extreme adventuring but really it can be taking a weekend drive, having ice cream for dinner, or buying the dress from the shop window. I find that the littlest things can make All the difference. Speaking of making a difference I spend some time in the more artsy part of town to soak in beauty created at the hands of talented artists and let my imagination run wild. Luckily I stumbled apon this newly finished work leaving a brunch and had to snap a few pics. Funny how you find the things that speak to your soul at just the right moment like this wall and certainly this dress. I love a great solid dress, or basic if you will because it is appropriate for all occassions!

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