Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Utility Jacket

Y'all I love my dresses, you know that I do! Strangely enough this post is all about a jacket, go figure.  I'm pretty much the girl you see dashing to and from the car because I hate to wear a coat. Like really I get it they are needed for warmth but if a sprint to the door helps me avoid lugging around a coat then I'm a track star for sure. All of my ramblings stand true for coats but I LOVE a jacket! I see a jacket as something pretty lightweight that really is a layering piece to your outfit and that's just what this beauty is. I've had a utlitybstyle jacket for a couple year not but the silhouette of this one is so much more feminine and I love the drawstring detail to conch the waist further. We've all got a shape, no reason flatter it! I went causal for this look but I love that it could be interchanged for a more polished look for dinner or a night out!

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