Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Campaign Style IKEA Rast Hack

I truly believe that you don't have to pay a lot to have nice decor items and furniture pieces at home! As most of you know I'm a first time homeowner and for me it is a constant struggle to find great pieces that are affordable. My solution, create my own! Probably the easiest way to accomplish style in your home on a budget is to pull out and put on your DIY hat. This is something I've embraced and like to share to make it easier for someone else out there if at all possible!

My master bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in my home and admittedly the room that still needs some designing. I absolutely love the space of the room but the problem is since I've moved in is that there is no furniture! Besides my bed and tv stand my bedroom is actually pretty empty. The challenge here is that I had nowhere to store anything and really even my underwear has been living in a target bag every time they come out of the laundry (oh the shame). To start the uplift of this room I couldn't think of anything better than getting some storage options out of  a great pair of nightstands. Doesn't that sound wonderful? A PAIR of nightands, I've only ever  had a single rigidity side table in my adult life.

Since I had done a previous IKEA hack here I searched and found these dressers that I thought would be perfect. I really like them because you get ample drawer space and for the price of $34.99 you really can't beat it! Unlike some of the furniture at IKEA that is particle board these dressers are made of real pine wood so they are sturdy but are super plain Jane when you purchase them. That's where your DIY skills come into play and trust me you can do it! I chose to go with a campaign style because I love the gold details and this look is easily achieved!


IKEA Rast Dresser

Furniture Paint (I used Valspar)

Wood Putty


24- Corner Braces (4 per pack)

Cabinet Pulls

How To: 

1. Assemble your nightstand according to the directions on the packaging. Do not install the drawer pulls.

2. Use wood putty to fill the pre-drilled holes on the door fronts of the nightstand. Allow the putty to dry and sand until smooth with the sandpaper. (Skip this if you want to use knobs rather than the pulls)

3. Here's the fun! Paint your nightstand. As mentioned I used Valspar furniture paint, it is a bit more expensive then regular paint but the ease of it is with it. And what's better you can have it tinted to any Valspar paint color. Win! I chose a grayish white called "Comet Dust"

4. Once the paint has completely dried, install the corner braces to the door fronts of the nightstand. If you don't have a drill, I recommend investing! I had to for this project because hand screwing each screw was madness!

5. Measure the center of the drawer front, then the measure the distance between the ends of your pulls. Install your drawer pulls by drilling holes for the screws. This goes pretty quickly as each drawer will be the same. (Skip this if you are using the pre-existing holes for knobs) *Tip: I bought pretty inexpensive pulls and spray painted them gold to match the corner braces. Total money saver and they look designer!

I really think they are the perfect additions to my master bedroom and it honestly makes me swell with pride having completed the project on my own! Making a house a home is challenging but I find  the rewards are so much sweeter when you have done it yourself.




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