Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year

I've said this many times but I really cannot believe that 2016 has come to an end! Working in corporate retail my life literally transitions far beyond the calendar year, so in my mind I would swear we just rang in 2018! The year 2016 brought me many challenges, obstacles, and a little heartbreak but also I found happiness, success, motivation, and love. I won't go into 2017 with "resolutions" per se but I do have thoughts on what I would like to accomplish and my hopes for this year. But first, I want to take a step back to last year. Follow me down the road!

It may sound a little cliche but I really found myself this past year. I found the happiness I've been searching for and it wasn't in material things. Around my birthday this past year ringing in the year 28 I decided on a whim to take a trip to Chicago and that was the beginning of it all. The joy and adventure I'd been yearning for was in traveling on my own. Since then I've visited a cities like Dallas but the best of all was the beautiful city of San Francisco! Countless times I dreamt of a visit and I did it! (See my Travel Journal Here  )

I didn't purchase my home in 2016 but the joy of homeownership is wonderful! I'll admit there are headaches and I call my dad for every little thing but it is so worth it. I mention homeownership because I hope it will inspire others to also make the move because I find it really gives me the chance to host friends for formal parties or causal drop ins like wine night Tuesday's! A house isn't a home without a little love so the more the merrier with family and friends. Lasting relationships is the point here, right?

2016 brought me comfort  in my own skin! Kinda feel awkward admitting that but I think you guys have played a role in it for sure. I really enjoy sharing life with you all and love checking in on pieces of your lives as well. This world is one big crazy place but I'm enjoying my little corner of it all and the of writing this blog!

So to move my ramblings to 2017.... I'm looking for more adventures, like seriously I've got major travels that await me this year! There are some key cities in the United States on the docket but I'm most looking forward to travel abroad! Of course I'll be taking you guys along with me.

Next, I'm working to be consistent at blogging! I really want to give you loves great content while continuing to post outfits, decor, and inspiration that I fully support. Thus far it has been challenging with also working a demanding full time job in corporate retail buying but I'm putting action plans in place now. Do me a favor loves and drop some things your interested in and I'll put posts together. In 2017 I'm your lady!

Lastly I'm just working on being a better Ashlei!

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