Monday, March 6, 2017

Spring Transitional Wardrobe

Though we are currently still playing the back and forth game with Winter, it goes without saying that it is coming to an end! Since this change is surely on the horizon I'm all about transitioning all of my clothing into Spring, blouses and tops especially! I use to have such a hard time transitioning my clothing but now I've learned several practices to help myself going forward and they should help you out too!

Focus on Spring forward purchases! It is so easy to get pulled in by the clearance sales and deals going on this time of year but I urge you to be cognizant of this. If the fall/ winter purchase you are contemplating is a go forward "staple" then yes go for it, if it is a fashion item I would instead find a piece you can carry forward, besides there are few things greater than immediately wearing something you purchased!

Mother Nature has been throwing us many curve balls lately so it is necessary layer up! When I head out in the mornings for work it is super chilly but this doesn't stop me from wearing my Springish tops and dresses. I simply put on a lightweight jacket and usually peel it off by lunch time as the temperature rises.

  When your headed out shopping just think of what pieces you carry forward the longest in your wardrobe! That's pretty much how I evaluate things each time I'm shopping (which is far too often). For example I recently picked up this very Spring top which is perfect enough to close out Winter as a layering piece but that I can also pair up with shorts as the temperature heats up closer to Summer. I'm for sure getting several seasons of wear out of this beauty! The Spring weather of our dreams is upon us so I've linked some additional favorite tops of mine!



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