Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Work It Wednesday! Update

Happy Work It Wednesday babes! I'm totally all about making this a thing! So excited to show you guys another look of the series that can seriously improve your work wear looks. The main goal here is to inject so fashionable pieces into your wardrobe that appropriate for everyday yet fun! How am I doing so far? I truly want feedback from y'all!

By now you loves know I'm pretty much as career driven as they come and while I sacrifice many things to get where I intend on going I don't however sacrifice my look. I mean if nothing else your look is like a signature, right? I've gone on and on about this dress on my Instagram but wanted to share here because ruffles are also a part of signature right now. I'm not mad about it! Summertime is coming but this dress is lightweight with chiffon sleeves. It's nearly sheer but lined of course throughout the bodice and skirt. Definitely one of those dresses you could work the office in! Pair it up with some accessories and it will be one of your favorite and go to outfits, I guarantee it!




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