Tuesday, May 16, 2017

29th Anniversaire in Paris

To be nearly three decades old I've had many birthday celebrations over the years. Each year when I was younger my mommy would take me shopping to pick out a dress. Not just any old dress, a special one, a birthday dress! As I've gotten older I've continued this tradition on my own. It's not about what designer label it is or how much it costs, it's simply about how the dress makes you feel. And this one makes me feel so special! Vibrant color and ruffles galore, oh my! I can't even recall how many times growing up I wished for princess parties and dreamt of the most magical times in my life. This birthday I spent it in the most magical place that I have ever seen, Paris! As I type the words I still have to remind myself that the experience was real. All of the movies and google images don't do the city of Paris justice. Until I saw it with my own eyes I couldn't have imagined how much I would fall in love with Paris and celebrating my birthday makes me fall in love even more. I woke up to breakfast in bed and rhen spend the day being whirled around the city to get my first morning look at the Eiffel Tower, take pictures, and shop to my hearts content. I may have been overdressed for the occasion but I honestly felt perfectly "Wells Dressed", see what I did there? I wore this beauty to dinner and a late night twirl around Laudree for chocolates and macaroons. Did I mention walking The along the Seine River at night to see the twinkling Eiffel Tower? Swoon! This dress was so perfect for my magical birthday in Paris but also could be amazing for upcoming events. Think of all those weddings and graduations than need a dress such as this. A closet stunner! My birthday was a snippet of the trip but certainly an important highlight! I'll be sharing more details of my European vacation soon. This past year at 28 I took risks, faced challenges and lived life not than ever. I traveled on solo adventures to Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas collecting memories I'll cherish for a lofetime. I once thought that life as I aged would be boring but little did know that we continuously come into our own with every passing year. I find myself a little more each year and in this particular year I found freedom in being unafraid. Life is so beautiful and I am thankful. Cheers to 29 and all that it will bring!



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