Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Blue + White Look in Paris

If you were wondering, yes Paris is just as beautiful as you can imagine. In fact it's even more beautiful. I literally still close my eyes to remember flashes of the city and all the people in it. We stayed at an amazing hotel near all of the famous spots to see but really it was just far enough outside the loop to get a glimpse into the lives of everyday Parisians. The best of both worlds! Each morning I stood out on our balcony watching the sunrise and taking it all in. I literally got so lost just looking off in the distance I would forget about the things we had planned to explore.

Walking around aimlessly was just about my favorite thing to do and while I wore many outfits including some over the top frilly dresses like in this post I was loving some casual style all the same. White jeans are so essential and pair up so well with many tops and blouses. The current combo I'm loving is all things blue and white. Classic in my opinion!

When in Paris be prepared for the walking so I'd stick to more casual vibes such as this look or dresses that are comfortable. It's all about comfort, but really though it's Paris so fashionable attire is a must.



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