Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pretty Pleated Pants

Is there anything more darling than these pants? I can't even stop gawking at them! Nearing the middle of the week and for me that means a date night is approaching! Trying to accommodate scheduling is what we've had to combat for the longest but finally there is some normalcy and that usually means date night is my choice! Wherever I pick this week you can rest assured I'll be wearing these pants again!

 Working in retail buying for menswear the word "pleat" can be cringe worthy and down right scary at times but these I am pleased to report are just about the most darling things EVER! I mean really loves! I'm about 5'4" and I feel as though they are the perfect length especially if I wear a good heel. For those of you lucky to be taller than I, I would love to see these on you. No doubt they'll be stunning! I've paired with a rather simple top with little flutter deails because it's so necessary to go all girly while I'm at it. A few jewels to adorn you and the outfit is perfect. Shop some similar styles of these pretty pants below!


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