Monday, July 3, 2017

Lauren James Timeless Planner

Planning is essential! I say that quite frequently in my work life where it holds most true but in my personal life I am often so frivolous with time.  This is something I am truly committed to changing!  Recently I received a Lauren James 12-month timeless planner.  Little did I know this gem would make such an impact so quickly.  To be honest every time the new year rolls around I run out to purchase an new planner as a resolution to keep on track.  The one I bought at the start of 2017 is currently unopened on my side table as a drink coaster I'm embarrassed to say. 

I love that no matter when you get one of these timeless planners it is good for an entire year! It is so cute yet practical with ample note space, a organized layout, and is the perfect size to tote around.  If you've followed me through my travels you know I am fly by the hem of my skirt kind of girl but I'm loving the fact that I can do a bit more planning without losing the spontaneity I've grown to adore about my life.  Thus far I've been using the stickers as placeholders and jotting notes about places I'd like to see.  Did I mention I'm already thinking ahead to my birthday trip next year? I'll be 30 and with the help of my new planner I've already figured my birthday is on a Wednesday, crazy right?

It also includes: a monthly goals tracker, holiday list, weekly meal planning, water intake tracker, and overview pages! While you're flipping through the planner there keep an eye out for other treasures along the way! This planner is only $28 and so darling loves!
Did I mention its available in 3 patterns?  Shop them HERE



*This post is sponsored by Lauren James.  All opinions are 100% my own

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