Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Long Live Weekend

The weekend is so fleeting, just as quickly as it began it ended. It's Tuesday and I could certainly use a bit more weekend please!  Just about two weeks ago I was in Charleston living my best life at the beach and touring around downtown. In Charleston, The Holy City there is no shortage of beautiful sites, good food and fine shopping, all things I can definitely get down with! This Summer though hot has been quite magical in terms of adventures! I've spent a little less time on the couch and a little more time out enjoying life. Just a few days ago I visited Badin Lake here in North Carolina for the first time and its beauty is undeniable. My homage to the weekend is spending as much time as possible in cutoff shorts, like literally. I'm sure that is the last thing you'd expect from a dress addict like me but I don't mind switching things up from time to time. I love my cutoffs paired with the gorgeous embroidery of this off the shoulder! All business this week but I hope you loves had a fantastic weekend that carries you through to the next weekend! Hump day is coming at you!




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