Thursday, September 7, 2017

Work Wear: Blush High Collar Dress

To be honest I spent much of the day trying to keep the day of the week straight. Wednesday or Thursday, still not sure I'm settled on either. In any case no matter the day I'm likely wearing a bit of pink. Definitely my color!

Finally back to talking about work wear on the blog! I got a few requests for some work wear inspiration and I am happy to oblige my loves. Surprisingly many of you are interested in what I do for a living. As I've mentioned before I work in buying for a department store, specifically Men's clothing. That's right ladies, dressing the Men one plaid shirt and chino pant at a time haha.  Fashion is what we sell as a brand so the dress code is a bit more relaxed then some traditional companies. I love trendy clothes and I'll sometimes tip over the "standard office wear" line but mainly I just keep it classy. My days are filled with running around after clothes (much like my own closet) but like literally running around for them.  Which reminds me currently STILL in search of a red sweater that mysteriously got legs and walked off. Be on the lookout folks!  In between these antics I'm usually stewing over a solution to something at my desk or off to meetings. On these meeting filled days I try to look my best, ya know? Looking my best whether dressy or casual is something I take pride in. 

This dress is certainly one to talk about! For starters I love the blush color. Once upon a time I thought blush to be a Spring color but now I pretty much consider it a neutral. The high neck collar and the fact that it is just so fun speaks to me. As we transition to Fall I'll throw on my olive utility jacket especially on my way into the office on chilly mornings. Simple yet such a satisfying look!




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