Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Cloffice Reveal

Hello Loves! I am so excited to finally share this project with all of you. As I've mentioned before in previous posts and such, I've been a homeowner for a while now and to be completely honest, every single inch of my house has been a labor of love to transition. I'm over 2 years in and admittedly I still haven't done everything I'd like to but I am so proud of conquering one corner of the world at a time and I'm so happy this corner is all mine.

I work full-time outside of my home in a pretty traditional office setting so when designing this room I knew I wanted something chic and full of color! In fact I wouldn't even necessarily call this space an office hence dubbed "Cloffice" name. Closet + Office is exactly what it is! Even with my entire house to myself I felt I needed a dedicated space to work on my blog, or other totally normal things like online shop, have solo dance parties, etc because there's something about this room that helps me to focus. I really feel like this space is an special extension of my master bedroom. I have no shortage of closet space but all of my closets are pretty much full (no idea how that happened)! The ballet bar of clothing in the cloffice is typically a few of my favorite or go-to things in addition to recent purchases. Depending on the look for a particular day or whether I'm prepping for a photoshoot I often dress in here.

When I first started pulling this space together I wasn't really sure what direction I wanted to take. Over time I've collected some really amazing statement pieces and knickknacks but really there has got to be something to pull it all together, right? To start, this velvet swivel chair I literally just cant even get over! If I could push it around the  house from room to room I absolutely would!  I love the vibrant color and then when I came across this rug I knew that was it, they were made for each other! If not in a space such as this, where else can you completely go for pink? Yass girl! I really love that the rug has so many colors in the design and it really just speaks to me. That's a normal thing right? Since the room has no overhead lighting I needed a floor lamp to brighten up the joint so of course I went for the prettiest one in the marketplace.  I LOVE the tripod style and the gold accents that compliment the room.  If I had to make a statement on my design I'd call it boho chic, an eclectic mix, and a room of endless possibilities. I am so happy with how it all came together!


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