Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Forward: Life Update

Hello friends! It seems as though I've been away from the blog for a couple of forevers.  I remember just mere months ago I was setting a New Years goal to be more consistent here in my little corner of the world. Even with best intentions, life doesn't always happen they way we intend, life is messy, and is truly "like a box of chocolates".  in all of my time blogging I don't believe that I've dedicated an entire post to a life update but I felt it was the best way to touch on all that has been happening in my Wells Dressed life.

Just about two months ago, I was in a car accident on my way to work.  I was turning across a intersection and was struck by an SUV running the red light.  I can close my eyes and remember watching the vehicle keep coming, screaming aloud and in an instant so many thoughts ran through my mind.  I said prayers and wondered if I would make it.  My car was totaled, my body bruised, but I am here.  Here to rejoice in the beauty of another day,  here to cherish my friends and family, and here with purpose.  Purpose.  Over the last 2 months I've been searching for just that, purpose.  "What is your purpose?" I've asked myself that question countless times and while I don't think I've yet reached a definitive answer, my thoughts have brought me to a place of peace.

I hear people talk about living a purpose driven life.  What does that mean? How do I get there?...  valid questions. My answer to these questions, it all starts with me.  It's been so hard to remember that sometimes!  So much of my life and routines were what I thought defined me. I truly love what I do in my buying career, but that alone isn't who am I.  Even with the blog I found myself playing the ago old comparison game to other bloggers out there with more followers, fancy clothes, seemingly perfect lives, and wondered if I should even bother to continue.

But you know what?  I learned through the process of simply asking myself those structured questions that purpose is first finding of you are and being confident in that.  Who we are as individuals is what makes us special and unique.  So my purpose? To use this blog, my experiences, my weaknesses, and my strengths to be the most authentic me.  Even if my questions go fully unanswered a bit longer I'm happy being unapologetically Ashlei.  I thank you for your support each step along the way so stay with me friends, there's so much more to come!




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