Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Shop With Me

It's a wonderful time of year!  The time has come again for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and the shopping shall commence!  Last year was my first attempt at tackling this popular sales event and from experience I know it can be really overwhelming.  I'm breaking down some need to know information to conquer successfully!

When To Shop:

The Anniversary Sale opens to all Nordstrom Card holders on July 12th at 3:00 am.

- I have a card and in my opinion it is so worth it! Not only do you get early access to the sale but there are so many great benefits like earning points towards a Nordstrom note.  Its basically like free money! I'll but narrowing selections as the sale goes live and will share a curated post by morning! This way you can see what I think are the best items to shop.  I have an appointment Friday afternoon to shop in-store and will do some try-ons then.  

The sale opens to the Public on July 20th at 3:00 am.  
-This is means that anyone can shop the sale, with or without a card Nordstrom card! Last year I shopped throughout the sale and even as it went public there are many items that get restocked.  I suggest that you act fast on anything you are REALLY loving and don't chance it!  
What To Shop:
There are always surprises to the sale! So even through Nordstrom puts out a catalog of featured items for the sale there are a TON more things to love on.  I'll be looking for basics or staples as I call the..... so think denim, cardigans, booties, tops.  Then I'll be looking for the a few special pieces that really make a statement! I just can't help myself.  
Blog! As I mentioned I will pull together selections broken down by category right here on the blog as the sale goes like on July 12th! All of those picks will be available to shop directly from my blog and the direct link that will be located in my bio.  Easy peasy! I'll continue to update picks as items are added to the sale and certainly tell you loves if I expect something to sell out quickly.  
LikeToKnowIt! The app is such a great resource and you can easily like magic shop anything I share.  Additionally the wish list feature is amazing if you want to come back to something later.  I strongly encourage you follow me there!



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