Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Travel Guide: Las Vegas

If there's one thing you should know about me, its that I've been bitten HARD by the travel bug! Sorry, not sorry my friends because the adventures are on just beginning. My love of travel didn't kick in until just a few years ago believe it or not but its the one thing in my life that has been beyond my wildest dreams! If you want to go somewhere, make it happen! I just hope that my travel guide posts give you some inspiration to get there and a little guidance once you've dashed off to the destination. I spent a whirlwind 24 hours in Vegas, let me tell you how that went because as they say..."A little bit of this town goes a long way"!

A little backstory, I was initially spending a little vacation time in Salt Lake City, Utah ( I also did a travel guide on this too!) and after a couple of days decided I wanted to experience a little more excitement and less outdoor activities.  At that moment the Vegas idea was born! From SLC proper Vegas is a quick flight away but with the last minute itch driving was more economical.  Don't get me wrong the 6 hour drive is not something I do on the regular but journey had to be one of the most beautiful drives of my life.  The mountains, wide open farms,  red rocks, and the bluest sky you've ever seen all took my breath away.

This was my first time to Vegas and honestly think its a must at least once!

Things to Do

Shop: I think it goes without saying that the shopping in Vegas in some of the best you'll find. Definitely all the luxury high end retailers are must whether you're buying or windows shopping.  I'd recommend the Forum at Ceasar's Palace!  I picked up a special treat from the Gucci store here.. swoon!

Entertainment: Vegas has all the shows! Headlining singers, performers, comedians the list is endless.  Endless and also frequently sold out.  Unfortunately I couldn't catch a show during my one night but you catch my drift.  Definitely see one if you can and next time I go I will too!

The Strip:  I've seen it in the movies but literally walked a straight line and that is THE strip!  Seems like a strange concept to just walk back and forth but that's what happens.  There is so much to see on either side from people watching, amazing architecture, and street entertainment.  I spent hours back and forth ducking in and out of casinos along the way.  Stop and wait for the Bellagio fountains show, you'll thank me later!

Casinos: Aside from the entertainment and obvious party environment the biggest draw to Vegas is the gambling.  "Go big or go home", right?  Let me caution you!  Don't go sooo big that you can't go home.  There are so many if you want to hop around but I enjoyed the Palms, Ceasar's Place, and the Bellagio.


Looking back now I think I ate one real meal in my time in Vegas...not my best idea but it was delicious!  Dined at the in-house restaurant, Scotch 80 Prime and it did not disappoint.  In the selection process I've hear some good things about these too:

Le Cirque


Had a great stay at Palms Casino Resort! It is technically just off the strip but there is a free transport that will drop you off and pick you up right in the middle of it all.  Love the updated decor, the casino, restaurants, and the nightlife!


Vegas literally lights up the night! I mean with the right beats and a little liquid spirits this city is a really good time.  Apex Social Club had all the good vibes for me and I'm pretty sure if the walls could talk they would've said "Quit singing every word girlfriend!"

What happens in Vegas.......stays in Vegas!





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