Thursday, June 18, 2020

Travel Guide: Jekyll Island

As a avid travel the over the last few years, the last few months have been tough.  Coronavirus across the globe has caused deaths, threatened the lives, and grounded countless people.  I had grand plans of travel this year and with everything those plans have taken a backseat.  Since airline travel abroad is not recommended (along with the borders of many countries closed) took a domestic take on travel for the Summer to Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Jekyll Island is located just about 4.5 hours drive from my home in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It is one of the barrier islands of Georgia with beaches, golf courses, state parks, and a historic district. Chose this island as the destination for several factors: driving proximity, beach quality and serenity. I literally wanted an escape for pure relaxation and Jekyll Island was exactly the experience I needed.

I can only speak to my experience of course, but the island was SO peaceful.  I imagine under normal circumstances pre-coronavirus that the beaches are packed and the main square is bustling but that is unknown to me.  Staying at the Westin was the best decision.  Upgraded to an ocean view and it was so nice being able to wake to views of the beach and fall asleep to sounds of the ocean.  

Where to Stay: With an island you can often be limited to hotel selections.  Thankfully for the trip to Jekyll Island I knew immediately that the Westin was the perfect choice from all the amenities.  The hotel has direct beach access, pool, and several restaurants onsite.  Literally all the makings for a no hassle vacation.  For several meals eating at the hotel was the best and most delicious option! Highly recommend.

Where to Eat:  As mentioned most of the meals were on property at the Westin but just a short walk in the Main Street area there's a charming place, Sunset Grille.  This eatery has delicious food and very reasonably priced breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For dinner one night I tried their homemade crab cakes and let me tell they were so good!

What to Do: Go to the beach, enough said! Beach pictures shared above are from Driftwood Beach and it's beautiful there but no swimming allowed. My only request was to be on the beach and that's exactly what I got back in the resort area.  Parked under an umbrella in a lounger and enjoyed tunes all day.  Though I didn't experience there are many activities and destinations on the island plus they're family friendly!

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed my time on this island.  With all the uncertainty and unsettling times right now traveling to Jekyll Island was just the vacation I was looking for.  If you're within a reasonable driving distance, I'd add to your travels.  As for me, I'll definitely be going back!




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